Package/Box Dimensions


Cross Reference Info

4B72148B ER761M Goldstar
6871W2S004N 68101890 Kenmore
617-230-7145 60309000 Kenmore
6871W2S020J 68211890 Kenmore
JKNBKA307WRV0 KSA8038T Montgomery Wards
4987JJ2002A LFX25971SW LG
6871W2S020J 69211890 Kenmore
824 WS3300 Lobb
728 WS-3300 Lobb
ANE6144X00AQ NE7050 Panasonic
ANE603L2J0AP NE6970C Panasonic
ANE603L2J0AP NE6970 Panasonic
ANE603L2J0AP NE6870C Panasonic
ANE603L2J0AP NE6870A Panasonic
4B74811A LMW825 Goldstar
617-184-1466 66480691 Kenmore
617-183-7704 66100690 Kenmore
ANE6144X00AQ NE8860 Panasonic
617-183-7704 66100691 Kenmore
617-183-7704 66100692 Kenmore
617-183-7704 66101690 Kenmore
ANE6144X00AQ NE8960 Panasonic
617-183-7704 66101691 Kenmore
617-183-7704 66101692 Kenmore
4B74811A MA850M Goldstar
2B71097D 8883680 Kenmore
617-184-1466 66480690 Kenmore
3B70799A ER711M Goldstar
6052-212-0107 86356430040 JC Penney
ANE603L2J0AP NE6870 Panasonic
6052-212-0107 8632259 JC Penney
ANE6144X00AQ NE1070 Panasonic
ANE6144X00AQ NE6030 Panasonic
PSPA-0078WR10 KSA8293A Montgomery Wards
5086 Kenmore
B603L3700AP NE1056A Panasonic
76153-210-710 8934991 Kenmore
75224-204-011 8934991 Kenmore
0B70788A 8965381 Kenmore
ANE6144X00AQ NE1050 Panasonic
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7794XW Panasonic
20-5086 Kenmore
MC-110P MC-6217 Panasonic
PSPA-0078WR10 KSA8284A Montgomery Wards
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7734XW Panasonic
617-212-3691 69480890 Kenmore
617-212-3691 69481890 Kenmore
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7754XW Panasonic
617-212-3691 69580890 Kenmore
617-212-3691 69581890 Kenmore
DPWBFC027WRUZ KSA8535A Montgomery Wards
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7774XW Panasonic
6052-212-0107 RE610TC Samsung
9299-205-976 MW1010 Samsung
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1510 Sharp
DE74-20017A MW4552W Samsung
PGLSP0015YBE0 R1800 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1511 Sharp
ANE6144X00AQ MQ6674XW Quasar
617-230-7145 60302000 Sanyo
HD12050 Emerson
ANE6144X00AQ MQ9974XW Quasar
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1505 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1506 Sharp
JBTN-A028WRM0 R2045 Sharp
DE74-20017A MW3590G Samsung
PREFHB0D4MRP0 R1874 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1200 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1500 Sharp
6170745017 8796381 Sanyo
MW4350W Samsung
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1405 Sharp
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7795YW Quasar
RTRN-0287WRE0 R21BT Sharp
ANE6144X00AQ MQ6635YW Quasar
TINSEB103MRR0 R1451 Sharp
RTRN-0287WRE0 R21BP Sharp
MW4351G Samsung
ANE6144X00AQ MQ7775YW Quasar
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1406 Sharp
617-143-4408 EMS807W Sanyo
ANE6144X00AQ MQ9994XW Quasar
73313-0076-00 MW8630T Samsung
6052-212-0107 MW5700 Samsung
NNS740 Panasonic
ANE6144X00AQ MQ6634XW Quasar
TINSEB160MRR0 R1852 Sharp
6052-212-0107 MW5500 Samsung
NN6371WH Panasonic
FAMI-0032WRK0 R1800 Sharp
617-143-4408 EMS807LW Sanyo
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1502 Sharp
PGLSP0015YBE0 R1800A Sharp
617-212-3691 69581990 Sanyo
FAMI-0032WRK0 R1800A Sharp
FAMI-0032WRK0 R1810A Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1501 Sharp
PGLSP0015YBE0 R1810A Sharp
MW4051G Samsung
FAMI-0032WRK0 R1810 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1201 Sharp
MW4050W Samsung
MC-V245B Panasonic
SCC--1 Singer
50201 Honeywell/Enviracaire
23600 Honeywell/Enviracaire
23500 Honeywell/Enviracaire
20-50425 26020 Kenmore
13533 Honeywell/Enviracaire
13532 Honeywell/Enviracaire
5042 (5 PKGS) 26031 Kenmore
26033 Kenmore
13530 Honeywell/Enviracaire
26035 Kenmore
6871A00084A LP120HED LG
83911 Kenmore
AMC28S-V31 MC-6217 Panasonic
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1520LQ Sharp
2M248J(FN) QB
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1210 Sharp
83165 Kenmore
MC-V270B MC-V7325 Panasonic
83331 Kenmore
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1520LK Sharp
MC-V145M MC-V7325 Panasonic
83931 Kenmore
EC-03PU2 Panasonic
EC-03PU1 Panasonic
83330 Honeywell/Enviracaire
13531 Honeywell/Enviracaire
64500 Honeywell/Enviracaire
53000 Honeywell/Enviracaire
6871A10013J 81121 Goldstar
38528523 Hoover
U-1 MC658U Panasonic
52000 Honeywell/Enviracaire
HDC411 HD-1211 Emerson
HDC-2R (2 REQ.) HD1205 Emerson
1043 8000 Bemis
51500 Honeywell/Enviracaire

MC-130P MC655U Panasonic
40201049 Hoover
RTHM-A190JBE0 AF505M6B Sharp
61500 Honeywell/Enviracaire
201537 Maytag
82-012 Robertshaw
82-537 Robertshaw
HDC-411 HD-24120 Emerson
HDC-411 HD-2412 Emerson
R428JW Sharp
65776000 VF307CN Broan
CWD00251 HQ2061QH Panasonic
62500 Honeywell/Enviracaire
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1512 Sharp
112180000002 12JW42HK Magic Chef
8332232211600 SR950 Sanyo
420079 GWL11 Fisher Paykel
RF-7400-11 HTE18WAAWW Haier
50425-D DLC400 Singer
32-14912 758.144130 Kenmore
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410DW Sharp
758.144131 Kenmore
340579-001 93820 Kenmore
RF-3400-08 HTE18WAAWW Haier
50210 Kenmore
758.144160 Kenmore
27200 200P Auto Flo
PCOVPB085MRP0 R520LK Sharp
61120C V4703D Eureka
HKX60CL/E11 Westinghouse
AL06258 Westinghouse
06258 Westinghouse
PCOVPB085MRP0 R403JK Sharp
CW0CZZ20001W CW-XC83HU Panasonic
DB67-00139A AW10ECB7XAA Samsung
42-14912 144160 Kenmore
144161 Kenmore
144131 Kenmore
14912 144130 Kenmore
5989JA0002P LG
42-14912 14413 Kenmore
833-0-3316-51800 FR361X Sanyo
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1211 Sharp
3H02773A H02102GB Quasar
HWF-65 HM-4000 Holmes/Family Care
420148P Fisher Paykel
RHF0909 American Metal Filter Co
50212 Kenmore
5218 Kenmore
5275 Kenmore
VT205651 DH100P Delonghi
300760 91509990 Kenmore
AMC285-V3002 Panasonic
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1520LW Sharp
RHET-A208WRE0 R820BK Sharp
DJ63-00015B VAS2498N Samsung
426560 Fisher Paykel
420147P Fisher Paykel
DB34-00033A AW189CB Samsung
3581JA8820L 77569600 Kenmore
224 WH1700 Lobb
233 WH-1700 Lobb

424 FT20 Lobb
PCOVPB085MRP0 R430DQ Sharp
53013 Kenmore
CB-3 Kenmore
CWA15112 HQ2051EH Quasar
426559 Fisher Paykel
RHET-A209WRE0 R820BK Sharp
1043 8266 Bemis
HD2412 Emerson
HD1211 Emerson
HD-1205 Emerson
HD-12050 Emerson
HD-12111 Emerson
HD12111 Emerson
821001 Bemis
826-600 Bemis
PCOVPB085MRP0 R520LW Sharp
HD12110 Emerson
18150 Honeywell/Enviracaire
18153 Honeywell/Enviracaire
HRF14 17200 Honeywell/Enviracaire
61555 970 Eureka
17400 Honeywell/Enviracaire
HD24120 Emerson
821-001 Bemis
507978 R426HK Sharp
1043 8268 Beaver
1043 8167 Bemis
12520 Honeywell/Enviracaire
5231EL1002E LG

11520 Honeywell/Enviracaire
300141 8943620 Sanyo
507978 R428JK Sharp
6600FX5001G Goldstar
821-000 Bemis
42-29962 Kenmore
HD-24121 Emerson
17210 Honeywell/Enviracaire
821000 Bemis
826600 Bemis
SR1258A Sanyo
AZFR9 Sharp
826800 Bemis
50150 Honeywell/Enviracaire
9316 Kirby
826-900 Bemis
50200 Honeywell/Enviracaire
CWA15120 HQ2051EH Quasar
826900 Bemis
PCOVPB085MRP0 R1514 Sharp
38528013 Hoover
AZ-FR9 Sharp
160147 Hoover
8000 Series Space Saver Consoles All Bemis
50300 Honeywell/Enviracaire
40201180 Hoover
AC84RCKPZ000 MCV7720 Panasonic
CWH00019 HQ2051NH Panasonic
DC47-00018A DV3C6BEW/XAA Samsung
SR1258A Sanyo
EBZ37171903 LRG30355ST LG
38528-036 General
826-800 Bemis
CWH01K060 HQ2051NH Panasonic
HD24121 Emerson
6871A20167M 74184400 Kenmore
6871A20167M LWC183PJCK0 Goldstar
R1211F Sharp
20-5218 Kenmore
38528058 Hoover
2055 Kenmore
MC-V370B MC-CG885 Panasonic
R426HQ Sharp
20-5055 Kenmore
R520KS Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410EK Sharp
WR9X10027 General Electric
PCOVPB085MRP0 R420DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R420EK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510FK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R540DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R430EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R508DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R520DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R530EK Sharp
WR9X10011 General Electric
PCOVPB085MRP0 R408EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R509FW Sharp
2B71097D ER760M Toshiba
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410FW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410EW Sharp
FAMI-0032WRK0 R8010 Sharp
7733P014-60 Maytag
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510EK Sharp
FAMI-0032WRK0 R8050 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R530DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R430DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R420DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R519EW Sharp
PGLSP0015YBE0 R8050 Sharp
FAMI-0032WRK0 R8160 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R530DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R404FK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R430EK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R408DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R408JW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410FK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R508FS Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R540DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R405DK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R508HS Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R501CK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R520JK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R530EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R402FW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R409EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R501CW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510HW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R409JS Sharp
FAMI-0032WRK0 R8260 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R410DK Sharp
PGLSP0015YBE0 R8570 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R515EK Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R440DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R415EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510FW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R530ES Sharp
PGLSP0015YBE0 R8310 Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R520DW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R425EW Sharp
PCOVPB085MRP0 R510HK Sharp

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